Who i believe i am

I’ve been thinking for a while about this question.

For a fact, I know i’m not describable from a stable aspect, as we are constantly changing Yesterday I felt confidence in myself, enjoying the love that surrounds me; while today I feel that even my voice breaks for my uncertainties.

Does my feelings describe myself? Or just forge me, but then, what conforms the main core?

I guess my decisions and my interpretations about my feelings makes me myself, as i can’t choose what i feel.

So I’m wondering, the next time i feel happiness, what will i want to do with it? Usually, I would share it inevitable. But at the same time it could be uncomfortable for the other person, as i am affecting their sense of environment with mine.

Then, I’m part of their environment too. So do i need to describe myself for my own shake, as i need to know who i am. Or do i describe myself for you, reader.

I don’t want to feel pressure in knowing who i am, as that would make me impatient…


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