My me’s

I am many persons in one body, with the same roots though. I have different shapes and colours and different needs, which can be sometimes quite contradictory. Just because some of my ‘me’s are more dominant, it can be quite hard for the more tranquil one’s to take up their needed space. 

For a long time, and as well going on in present moment, I thought I was how others saw me. I needed a response to my ‘being’  to feel and (self-?)identify me. I am learning how to listen to the resonance in me; I feel that there is a sacred space in me, where I can only get to, when I don’t grumble about it. When I reach it (which can as well happen by seeing a nature spectacle or listening to music) I have the impulse to hug myself (or others to share it) or put my hand on my heart and that indeed recenters me and became a comforting habit. In my mind I put that moment then in my treasure box.

I warmly recommend you to read the chapter ‘Nowhere House’ (chpt. 12)  of the book Momo by Michael Ende. It is a beautiful way of trying to depict time and space in connection with ‘self’. Enjoy! 🙂



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