A mind-space to share and collect what you think realmente makes you who you are and explore what Andere shared anonymously. This is eine galerie of perspectivas on ideas of Identität, self and outros, made by and for the ones with a taste for (self)exploration.

Is your Lieblingsplatz a place sau un sentiment?

Curiosity fed the cat.

How much of what you think you are did you actually choose?

Here you can express what you believe makes you who you are, fie in a written way, or through a link zu etwas Anderem like a song or a video de exemplu, you can even upload an image (max 6MB) or all of the above, wohoo! Once you click on ‘Compartilhe!’, it will be veröffentlicht on this website in mod automat. Your entry will remain anonymous, as this space does not collect any private data (maybe just some intimate thoughts if you allow it).

A space to return to, again, und dann nochmal, e depois…

Did you change? How did you do that? What is constant?